The packaging design rollout problems that can hurt sales and profits, and how to avoid them.

Posted by Sarah Mclennan on 08-Jan-2018 14:49:00
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So you've settled on the winning packaging design concept for your new food or household product range.  Now is the time in the packaging design to print process to have the master design applied to all SKUs - covering every different size, shape and product variation. This is known as artwork rollout.

It probably seems practical to use your trusted design agency for the rollout. After all, who better understands your brand and design vision? And isn't artwork rollout just more creative design?

Contrary to what you may have heard, artwork rollout is more of a technical process than a creative one. While your design agency is the best choice for creative concept work like the master design, they might not have the technical expertise required for artwork rollout to all package SKUs.


Mistakes made during artwork rollout can impact product sales and profits!


Even seemingly small details can have a considerable impact on the final product.

Here are the 3 most common packaging artwork rollout problems that affect sales, and how they can be avoided.


3 Packaging Design Rollout Problems: #1 Your product range looks inconsistent hurting sales

Rollout Problem #1 – Your product range looks inconsistent from one package to another, hurting sales.

Maybe the logo has been placed in different locations, or the colours on some packs look darker because they were printed on different print presses. 

Consumers are attracted to consistency, and any small variation in colour or design across a product range will stand out on the shelf and hurt sales! 

Visual inconsistencies are noticeable when products are lined up next to each other on the supermarket shelf. But unfortunately, these issues are often overlooked when reviewing individual artwork files.


SOLUTION – Use a specialist supplier to improve visual consistency and packaging quality while maintaining your brand vision.


The right artwork execution agency will know how to preserve your brand’s integrity and apply your brand guidelines appropriately across the rollout of SKUs.

They will create the artwork correctly the first time, accurately incorporating the different dielines, layouts, imagery, and product information while ensuring consistency across all product & size variations. 

An artwork execution agency will also know how to apply legal and regulatory requirements to the packaging correctly. They'll even know how to incorporate Country of Origin changes, getting them appropriately updated and ensuring no breach of regulations resulting in fines.


3 Packaging Design Rollout Problems: #2 The packaging design ends up costing more than expected and eats into your profits.

Rollout Problem #2 – The packaging design ends up costing more than expected and eats into your profits.

It's no secret that each round of corrections significantly drives up project costs.

But when designers don't lay out the artwork files precisely, someone down the line will have to fix the issues. The expensive hourly rates quickly add up!


SOLUTION – An agency specialising in artwork execution can save you up to 40% on each SKU while getting you to market faster.


An agency that specialises in artwork execution will leverage their technical design and printing knowledge to design correctly right from the start. This approach reduces costly rounds of changes that add up and blow the budget.

Another benefit of going with an agency that specialises in artwork execution is that you can agree on costs up front. A fixed price per SKU can provide significant savings when compared to costly hourly rates. 

If they don't offer a fixed rate, make sure you're informed of the accumulating charges throughout the process to ensure the project stays on budget.



3 Packaging Design Rollout Problems: #3 Your new product is late to market and you miss out on sales

Rollout Problem #3 – Your new product is late to market and you miss out on sales.

Let's face it, when your product is late to market, you miss out on sales.

Delays are often caused by additional corrections, each one requiring an extra round of approvals from a variety of stakeholders. Before you know it, your deadline has arrived, and you're not ready to go to press.

These delays can be even worse when working with an agency that has a limited number of skilled technical designers. They may not be able to process the artwork rollout as quickly as needed to meet the tight deadline.


SOLUTION – Get to market 30% faster by switching to a specialist artwork rollout agency.


An agency specialising in artwork execution will have a robust team of technical designers, making sure you have access to the resources required to meet the deadlines and get your products on the shelf on time.

A specialist can roll out the artwork to meet your brand vision while including technical elements such as keylines, trapping and eye-marks. With the right colours in the rollout designs, the approval process will be faster, saving time down the line.


BONUS: Alleviate the hassle and amount of time you spend managing the details.

Look for an artwork execution agency that has a dedicated project management. They can manage the rollout efficiently for you, giving you your time back while controlling costs and timelines.

A dedicated project manager will make the process smooth by partnering with your design agency and printers partners, managing the handoffs between stages in the packaging production process.

Make sure to partner with a supplier that can provide workflow management (approval) software. These solutions streamline the approval process and significantly reduce bottlenecks and delays, helping you meet your deadlines and get your products on the shelf, on time.


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