Pack copy validation: The essential step that cuts down packaging costs and delays.

Posted by Sarah Mclennan on 23-Jan-2018 14:14:00
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As an FMCG marketer, you're always under the stress of a looming deadline.

It can be tempting to take the master packaging design and get started on artwork rollout to all the SKUs in the product range before the pack copy details are final. What's the harm in using a couple of placeholders for some of the product information? It can't be too hard to make a few changes later, right?
Wrong. Having a designer update packaging text during the artwork rollout phase is really expensive - no matter how small the change is.
It's also time-consuming. Each change will require another round of corrections and approvals that will postpone final artwork approval.

It’s way more cost effective to use the right content from the start.

It's all about timing -  
Don't start artwork rollout without the final content.


In order to have the final pack copy ready for artwork rollout, you'll have to work on it while the master packaging concept is being developed.

Getting your pack copy validated in time for rollout is easy when you know what to do and when to do it. Follow this plan, and you'll save time and money on your next packaging project.


Pack Copy Validation: During packaging design, collect all the copy and text for the food packaging label and put it in one place


Collect all the relevant pack copy and put it in one place.

Let’s face it; the pack copy information spreads across different departments. You’ll need to coordinate with the relevant people and collate it all into a single file.

You can use workflow software such as Esko or SKUvantage to help with this process. It enables people to log on and upload their piece of information to a designated location, keeping one repository for all the elements and information.

Having all your pack copy in one place will speed up the approvals process. Here's a bonus; your supplier doing the artwork rollout will love you for it.

Make sure to include all the necessary information, such as:

Title: The name of the product
Product descriptor: Flavour, variety etc.
Romance copy: This short description covers what the product is, what it does, and how the consumer can use it.
Size: The net weight
Ingredients: The final list of ingredients, in the correct order.
Nutritionals: Information on the average amount of energy, protein, fat, saturated fat, carbohydrate, sugars and sodium in the food.
Cooking and storage instructions
Contact details and addresses
Recycling information
Legal or regulatory information required: Such as country of origin labelling.
Translations: If you need to translate the information above into other languages, then now is the time to finalise this as well.


Pack Copy Validation: figure out who the key stakeholders are and get the pack copy approved

Figure out who the key stakeholders are and get the pack copy approved

The best way to make sure nothing gets missed is to involve each of the relevant departments. Often you’ll need pack copy sign-offs from legal, compliance, packaging, NPD team, and marketing.

Once you’ve identified the key stakeholders, let them know what you need and the deadlines. If you've chosen to simplify the process by using an approvals management software, you can upload the completed pack copy file and invite your stakeholders to comment and sign-off, maintaining transparency and retaining the history.


Remember: Make sure that the final pack copy is signed off by all relevant stakeholders before moving forward to artwork rollout.


So there you have it. Pack copy validation early in the packaging design to print process is the essential step that cuts down costs and delays. If you follow these tips, your next packaging project will no doubt run smoothly without budget blowouts or delays.


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