3 Common Mistakes Causing High Packaging Production Costs.

Posted by Sarah Mclennan on 30-Oct-2018 13:15:33
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Sometimes it can feel like too much of your marketing budget is going towards packaging production.

Things start off okay, but before you know it, the budget has blown out by tens of thousands of dollars, and the product is still not on the shelf.

But that’s just the way it is, right?

Wrong. It doesn't have to be that way. We’ve helped countless consumer brands save money on packaging production and get back on track. All it took was avoiding some common pitfalls.

So here are the 3 most common mistakes that lead to high packaging production costs, plus our advice to fix them and free up your marketing budget.


Mistake #1: Too many packaging suppliers and an ad-hoc design to print process

Mistake #1 –Too many production suppliers and an ad-hoc design to print process

Production costs can quickly add up when there are inefficiencies in the design to print process. We've found that the more suppliers and touchpoints there are, the higher the chance of costly errors and the duplication of steps.

In our experience, brands can significantly reduce costs just by having a single design execution supplier be responsible for transforming the brand designs from the agency into colour-accurate print-ready files for the printers.

Using this streamlined approach to the design to print process results in tasks being done only once and correctly the first time, reducing costs and eliminating errors. 



Mistake #2 - Avoidable packaging artwork design errors and changes

Mistake #2 – Avoidable artwork design errors and changes

Does it sometimes feel like endless rounds of edits are required to get artwork rollout designs ready for printing?

When designers don’t set up artwork files correctly for printing at the beginning, the files must be fixed later on in order to get a high-quality print. Unfortunately, those packaging design costs can escalate quickly when you're paying expensive agency fees.

You can easily reduce costs by working with a specialist artwork rollout supplier that has both print knowledge and technical design skills. They will create genuinely print-ready artwork that is colour accurate the first time, every time. This eliminates all the costly errors that end up causing budget blowouts.



Mistake #3 - Using placeholder pack copy in packaging design rollout


Mistake #3 – Using placeholder pack copy during design rollout

With deadlines looming, it can be tempting to rush into rolling out the master packaging design before all your pack copy is finalised. Unfortunately, using placeholder text instead of the final version can lead to expensive rounds of changes down the track. Waiting until the end also increases the risk of mistakes and leads to more rounds of approvals.

The best way to avoid these unnecessary costs is to finalise pack copy at the same time as your packaging design concept is being developed by the brand agency, and before any artwork rollout to SKUs takes place.

And make sure you collect all the relevant pack copy such as product information, ingredients, nutritional information, recycling information, storage instructions, and get it signed off by all relevant stakeholders before you start rollout.


Need help finding a supplier with the right skills? Download our Free Guide to Choosing the Right Packaging Partner.  


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